Saturday, June 29, 2013

Was your Resume Rejected? Time to Check Your Social Media Activities!!

I am sure that all of you wondered at least once when you didn't get a call from the recruiter even though you believe that you are a strong candidate for the applied position. You might be a strong candidate, but recruiter might have found some thing different while reviewing your profile. Here you go with probable reasons.

Social media activities is a concern?

Over 85% of the recruiters check your profiles in internet for personality profiling. Most of the candidate will be active in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc. Many recruiters are looking at Facebook followed by twitter and then LinkedIn. Around 50% of the recruiters are screening the public profiles after receiving your application and before calling you for a conversation. Quite interestingly, around 70% of the recruiters are rejecting resume once they saw something about you on the social media. Typical reasons might be
  • Inappropriate photos
  • Inappropriate comments
  • Drinking contents
  • Contents about usage of drugs
  • Negative comments about previous employer
  • Discriminatory comments.

The news isn’t so bad because, over 50% of the employers employed people after viewing the social networking pages. Because

  • Gave a positive impression about the personality and organizational fit
  • Profile supported professional qualification
  • Profile showed candidate was creative
  • Showed solid communication skills
  • Good reference posted by others
  • Got awards & accolades

On the contrary, a Microsoft funded research results shows that only few Job seekers are concerned about the online reputation. The data shows that just 11% are concerned about online reputation. At the same time 38% are not at all concerned and 27% is very little concerned. This shows that there is a huge gap between recruiters and job seekers.

Other common reasons for rejecting the resume

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes in the CV
  • Unprofessional email address
  • Having your photo on the CV
  • Inconsistent dates
  • Too much personal information
  • Formatting issues
  • Wrong chronological order

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